About us

Welcome to Cultcha Kids

We’re the super-new On-line Department Store on the block ready to bring awesome stuff to your Cultcha Kids! 


So, what exactly is a Cultcha Kid… 

This is the currently accepted definition by the people who define terms… us… 



(kul-cha kid) noun

1. Informal. Cute, adorable, almost Mogwai-like child, well versed in the popular culture of Comic Books, TV Shows, Video Games and Movies.

2. Derived from Cultcha Kids. An On-line department store for busy parents to fulfil childhood dreams… with the raddest of rad stuff. 


Whether your CK loves to use Mega Punch by Hitmonchan in a Poke Battle or snuggle a life-size (or close to it) Unicorn from Melissa and Doug, here at Cultcha Kids, we hope to bring your little ones a cooler variety of toys for playtime, companionship and exploration.